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[SND]3d pinball.mp32016-06-07 03:30 11M 
[SND]1500000000 second in unix time.mp32017-07-13 22:49 5.8M 
[SND]Android X86 in VMware player.mp32017-02-04 19:12 6.4M 
[SND]A quick review on teamtalk conferencing system.mp32016-05-08 00:59 13M 
[SND]A review of the new computer I built.mp32017-08-14 03:00 15M 
[SND]Blue Yetty.mp32016-05-28 22:08 11M 
[SND]Doing random things with david and jake.mp32016-05-29 00:00 7.9M 
[SND]Fixing old eloquence.mp32016-05-14 02:08 2.7M 
[SND]Fixing old eloquence november 2016.mp32016-11-06 20:41 2.9M 
[SND]Gabriel's Recording Setup.mp32016-08-17 17:12 4.0M 
[SND]Gabriel's update.mp32016-05-16 19:07 3.6M 
[SND]Gabriel Unboxing His Daskeyboard 4.mp32016-12-28 17:15 4.9M 
[SND]How to access the 8 syncs file on the apex.mp32016-05-07 13:13 2.1M 
[SND]How to change and remove sounds on apex.mp32016-05-07 13:24 7.0M 
[SND]How to make a podcasting intro.mp32016-05-18 02:45 14M 
[SND]How to record in windows3.1 in a talking dossbox emulator.mp32016-04-30 14:01 2.5M 
[SND]How to set up Virtual Brailleandspeak in windows xp with windoweyes.mp32016-04-09 00:08 5.4M 
[SND]How to use Windows Defender Security Center.mp32017-08-04 17:54 37M 
[SND]Installing windows xp on my desktop.mp32016-09-03 11:42 156M 
[SND]Jake Sample.mp32017-09-06 20:11 267K 
[SND]Jakes Party with Gabriel and David.mp32016-02-12 18:31 6.2M 
[SND]NVDA remote.mp32016-05-06 19:37 8.8M 
[SND]NoteWriter.mp32016-11-19 02:59 20M 
[SND]NoteWriter 1.5 released, and a new midi player application that I found.mp32016-11-23 15:54 9.8M 
[SND]NoteWriter 2.0.mp32016-11-25 00:10 7.3M 
[SND]NoteWriter update.mp32016-11-22 02:01 10M 
[SND]Osx.mp32016-05-12 19:41 25M 
[SND]Pros and Cons about 3 mikes.mp32016-05-29 23:25 8.5M 
[SND]Random Podcast with gabriel.mp32016-01-02 00:15 26M 
[SND]Sound Professionals In-Ear Binaural microphones.mp32017-12-26 02:18 3.2M 
[SND]The windows 7 downgrade party, good bye windows 10!.mp32016-03-12 12:16 64M 
[SND]Using the keyboard a little bit after I thaught I lost the first recording.mp32016-12-26 01:47 3.6M 
[SND]Windows3.1 in Talking dosbox.mp32016-03-29 01:25 6.0M 
[SND]advantages and disadvantages of dosbox and vmware.mp32016-03-27 01:59 13M 
[SND]an older version of ibm desktop reader.mp32016-09-24 03:27 16M 
[SND]an update on the windows ce sound schemes installer and fixing a bug.mp32016-12-29 03:39 35M 
[SND]an update on vb audio cable and variants for sapi5 espeak.mp32017-01-28 12:39 26M 
[SND]a revew of my grandparents windows 98 machine.mp32016-08-27 23:10 75M 
[SND]a revew of my grandparents windows xp machine.mp32016-12-25 03:26 111M 
[SND]black midi test on 4 notetakers.mp32017-02-18 21:29 21M 
[SND]bns games.mp32016-03-20 14:56 69M 
[SND]cDex pod cast part 3.mp32016-05-24 21:43 4.2M 
[SND]cDex pod cast part 4 and first looks on nvda 2016.2.mp32016-05-26 22:21 6.1M 
[SND]cabpack.mp32016-03-20 16:25 6.0M 
[SND]capturing the raw pcm data from the OPL3 emulator.mp32018-01-07 05:28 26M 
[SND]cdex pod cast part 2.mp32016-05-22 23:30 7.0M 
[SND]changing the shell of windows nt.mp32016-10-16 02:41 12M 
[SND]classic windows themes.mp32015-12-26 15:06 17M 
[SND]coke virsus pepsie.mp32017-01-06 18:28 13M 
[SND]creative sound blaster software.mp32015-11-07 01:35 19M 
[SND]dectalk access32.mp32015-12-24 01:34 30M 
[SND]dolphin orpheus tts.mp32015-12-28 04:13 23M 
[SND]dsp.mp32019-01-27 01:51 42M 
[SND]early media rack.mp32016-01-23 00:59 17M 
[SND]eating at five guies.mp32016-10-08 21:15 19M 
[SND]eating at jack in the box.mp32016-10-15 20:15 17M 
[SND]eating at mcdonalds.mp32016-09-04 16:40 14M 
[SND]eating chips and drinking soda.mp32016-02-28 02:43 6.7M 
[SND]eating cookie pizza.mp32016-10-02 01:07 7.9M 
[SND]eating food from pizza hut.mp32016-10-01 20:30 16M 
[SND]eating is_ fun_ part_ 2.mp32016-07-08 13:42 15M 
[SND]eating is fun.mp32015-12-31 19:21 15M 
[SND]eating popcorn and drinking soda.mp32016-07-11 02:40 16M 
[SND]eating the rest of the fries from five guies.mp32016-10-08 21:40 11M 
[SND]eloquence 3 with jaws 3_3.mp32016-01-24 15:01 13M 
[SND]eloquence mkvoice part1.mp32017-01-15 22:51 50M 
[SND]eloquence mkvoice part2.mp32017-01-15 23:48 10M 
[SND]ess technologys.mp32016-01-23 01:34 8.7M 
[SND]eti-eloquence.mp32015-08-19 01:10 24M 
[SND]fun with advanced inf.mp32016-07-17 02:50 36M 
[SND]fun with personal effects and a patch cable.mp32016-03-26 14:07 15M 
[SND]gabriel and david's party with jake.mp32016-02-12 18:06 13M 
[SND]gnuspeech_sa gui frontend.mp32017-02-04 22:44 5.9M 
[SND]gs player on a pac mate.mp32017-02-14 19:52 46M 
[SND]hal and dectalk access32.mp32016-02-12 19:11 13M 
[SND]hal in windows nt4.mp32016-01-01 03:50 16M 
[SND]how_to_destroy_windows_ce_on_a_braillenote_apex.mp32016-01-26 17:49 6.9M 
[SND]how to setup the virtual braille n speak and use it with old screen readers.mp32016-02-20 02:43 16M 
[SND]how to use iexpress to create self-installing packages.mp32016-03-20 13:09 11M 
[SND]ibm desktop reader.mp32016-03-20 13:32 6.9M 
[SND]ibm viavoice unboxing and first looks.mp32016-11-09 22:47 15M 
[SND]imDisk.mp32017-09-01 22:40 22M 
[SND]installing windows 7 on a laptop I got in 2013.mp32017-07-23 04:18 99M 
[SND]installing windows xp media center in a virtual machine.mp32017-04-08 20:59 76M 
[SND]jake and danes party.mp32016-01-17 02:26 58M 
[SND]jaws in windows 98.mp32015-10-11 01:12 29M 
[SND]look at the historical realspeak text to speech.mp32016-06-08 22:35 24M 
[SND]lpc.mp32017-04-25 20:34 2.9M 
[SND]mdr update.mp32016-09-30 16:45 12M 
[SND]messing with old versions of nvda.mp32016-12-11 16:40 182M 
[SND]messing with the registry on a braillenote apex.mp32016-12-17 02:43 156M 
[SND]more 3d audio.mp32017-10-27 19:43 22M 
[SND]mounting an iso image to a virtual machine.mp32016-07-12 04:16 8.5M 
[SND]my new text to speech voice.mp32016-08-24 17:24 5.9M 
[SND]my recording setup.mp32016-02-28 01:11 4.5M 
[SND]opl3 emulator update.mp32018-01-21 02:20 4.0M 
[SND]orpheus1 with nvda.mp32016-02-14 23:16 4.5M 
[SND]orpheus commands.mp32016-01-01 06:40 8.9M 
[SND]personal effects.mp32015-10-17 19:31 5.3M 
[SND]pizza.mp32016-07-04 03:49 10M 
[SND]playing with 3d audio.mp32017-10-20 19:25 11M 
[SND]prody parrot.mp32016-03-30 00:55 36M 
[SND]random binoral recording.mp32019-01-05 22:50 13M 
[SND]randomness.mp32016-07-14 19:50 24M 
[SND]sapi5_eloquence.mp32016-10-30 15:54 10M 
[SND]second and major testing of innoetics voices.mp32016-07-25 18:14 26M 
[SND]setting up hal with dectalk access32.mp32016-02-20 03:40 22M 
[SND]setting up jaws with dectalk access32.mp32016-02-20 03:05 11M 
[SND]setting up the virtual braille n speak in an ms-dos virtual machine.mp32017-11-29 21:20 20M 
[SND]smc.mp32016-10-20 16:35 9.7M 
[SND]softvoice for nvda.mp32015-12-26 19:33 6.0M 
[SND]sonic.mp32017-04-16 22:53 31M 
[SND]sonic zoom.mp32016-04-24 01:52 20M 
[SND]speechPlayer in espeak sapi5, first official release.mp32017-01-17 01:26 7.5M 
[SND]spread the word about multilingual truvoice.mp32016-04-01 23:26 29M 
[SND]syncthing.mp32017-10-08 17:35 78M 
[SND]talking max 2.mp32016-07-02 17:47 7.6M 
[SND]tech chat ep1.MP32014-08-10 19:05 21M 
[SND]testing of innoetics voices.mp32016-07-01 16:02 18M 
[SND]the internal mic on my laptop and a bit about an old recording app that I found.mp32016-10-20 12:15 1.2M 
[SND]the new OPL3 emulator drivers.mp32017-05-20 01:02 11M 
[SND]the new functionality in the windows ce sound schemes installer and talking about innosetup and why it is better than the other installation programs I have used.mp32016-12-28 02:36 30M 
[SND]the new l&h tts installer.mp32016-12-31 21:48 46M 
[SND]the new procedure for installing dectalk access32.mp32016-07-15 22:32 23M 
[SND]the new windows ce sound schemes installer.mp32016-12-26 23:56 4.5M 
[SND]the new windows desktop themes installer.mp32016-07-26 23:19 34M 
[SND]the programs I have on my computer and my recording setup.mp32017-11-02 19:21 25M 
[SND]the random party.mp32016-06-07 13:26 24M 
[SND]the random party2.mp32016-07-06 04:20 70M 
[SND]the random podcast.mp32016-01-31 02:57 31M 
[SND]the random podcast2.mp32016-03-19 19:59 12M 
[SND]the return of cdex.mp32016-05-18 02:50 14M 
[SND]timidity.mp32017-02-12 12:58 21M 
[SND]trying to boot up the windows 98 machine.mp32016-12-25 03:35 32M 
[SND]unboxing and setup of a braillenote touch.mp32016-06-08 12:32 46M 
[SND]unboxing the das4 ultimate.mp32016-12-26 01:44 12M 
[SND]unboxing the yetty.mp32017-04-11 18:56 16M 
[SND]update.mp32017-11-02 19:27 2.0M 
[SND]update 1-4-19.mp32019-01-05 00:42 10M 
[SND]update 3-19.mp32016-03-19 17:09 11M 
[SND]update 5-28.mp32016-05-28 13:25 1.5M 
[SND]update 8-19.mp32016-08-19 14:00 10M 
[SND]using the yetty after unboxing it.mp32017-04-11 19:33 3.8M 
[SND]vb audio cable.mp32017-01-08 11:55 28M 
[SND]vmware player.mp32015-07-25 23:15 19M 
[SND]ways to clean versions of windows.mp32016-05-08 12:11 7.9M 
[SND]willow pond software.mp32015-10-17 02:13 26M 
[SND]window bridge.mp32016-02-13 22:29 14M 
[SND]windows ce sound schemes for windows 95 and later.mp32016-12-23 00:58 21M 
[SND]windows ce wavetable virsus microsoft gs wavetable.mp32016-12-24 00:17 64M 

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