Welcome to my virtual machines page. This page has virtual machines of every version of windows from 3.1 to XP. I will not post anything newer than that, mainly because these operating systems are still being supported.

What you neede to use the virtual machines

You will neede to download the vmware player installer to use these virtual machines. That is included on this page.

What is included in the virtual machines

Each of these virtual machines includes 1 or more screen readers. In windows 3.1 and windows 9x, the virtual braille n speak that talks through nvda is included. This is reely only required for windows 3.1, because window eyes 3.0 doesn't support any software speech other than keynote gold, which is a 15 minute demo. I included the virtual braille n speak on windows 9x because the screen readers included support the braille n speak, and that is generally more responsive than using a software synthesizer that is installed in the virtual machine. In the case of windows 95, the sound card is single chanle, so the virtual braille n speak is a good option if you are using windows 95 for multimedia purposes.

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[PARENTDIR]Parent Directory  -  
[   ]Android-x86_5.1-RC1-VM.7z2017-02-04 14:01 437M 
[   ]B II.7z2018-10-07 17:41 64M 
[   ]VMware-player-6.0.2-1744117.exe2014-08-06 21:00 94M 
[   ]VMware-player-12.1.1-3770994.exe2016-08-19 21:28 70M 
[   ]VMware-player-15.5.2-15785246.exe2020-03-29 07:39 138M 
[   ]VMware-player-full-17.0.0-20800274.exe2022-12-04 02:49 577M 
[   ]VMware-workstation-full-17.5.2-23775571.exe2024-05-21 01:27 618M 
[   ]WINNT351.7z2016-08-20 16:11 29M 
[   ]Windows 95.exe2023-05-31 05:23 214M 
[   ]Windows 98.exe2023-11-16 19:00 382M 
[   ]Windows 2000 Professional.exe2023-11-16 19:08 938M 
[   ]Windows 2000 virtual pc.7z2017-10-01 15:53 295M 
[   ]Windows Me.exe2023-11-16 19:15 451M 
[   ]Windows NT 4.0.exe2023-11-16 19:25 317M 
[   ]Windows XP Professional - no Service pack.7z2020-08-06 05:48 576M 
[   ]Windows XP Professional SP2.7z2021-01-07 16:08 759M 
[   ]Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.7z2017-12-14 19:34 1.0G 
[DIR]eurpod vms/2023-04-14 14:08 -  
[   ]virtual_pc_2007_setup.exe2007-02-18 11:52 30M 
[   ]virtual_pc_2007_x64_setup.exe2007-02-18 11:55 31M 
[   ]vmware-mount-5.5.0-18463.exe2016-08-20 14:11 9.2M 
[   ]win98_vpc_img.7z2017-03-12 20:10 76M 
[DIR]winworldpc vms/2023-04-14 15:20 -  

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